Alibaba Cloud Virtual Showroom

Alibaba Cloud’s exhibition centres in various locations in China give customers a vital hands-on impression of the brand and its offerings. However, the locations are beyond the reach of many overseas customers. To bring a personal Alibaba Cloud experience to distant markets, the brand commissioned Pico to develop online and virtual reality (VR) showrooms.



The showrooms’ immersive 3D space would transcend time, geography and the traditionally dull business of introducing products and services. For visitors, the experience would be vivid and even adventurous, leaving a deep and enthusiastic impression of the brand.


As envisioned by the client and Pico, the chief aim of the VR showroom is to drive customer engagement by giving users an ‘in person’ experience of Alibaba Cloud technology. The web version offers more comprehensive and detailed content in an exceptionally convenient form.

The team developed both versions in a process that included design renderings, animation reference recommendations, design finalisation, animation integration and debugging, and programme development.

As preferred by Alibaba Cloud, the space’s general design is clean and simple, and it incorporated animations which enhance user engagement. The multiple layers of content tended to overload the team’s hardware in early development. Pico’s technicians worked closely with the client to overcome these hitches, with the final product arriving smoothly and exceeding expectations.


Visitors access both showrooms by internal reservation. The platforms give Alibaba Cloud’s sales representatives and staff around the world a new dimension of convenience and engagement in customer service.

(Image courtesy of Alibaba Cloud)