Asian Paint Industry Council (APIC) Convention 2021

‘Empowering the Paints Industry through Sustainable Development and Innovation Initiatives’ was the theme for the Asian Paint Industry Council (APIC) Convention 2021. Hosted by the Philippine Association of Paint Manufacturer and held in October 2021, the show was supported by the digital and event expertise of Pico’s Global-Link MP virtual event management team, VX Events.



Global-link MP provided virtual event management for the exhibition and conference, as well as further services including video production for conference ‘mood setting’, event highlights and attendee tutorials. The team’s responsibilities also covered event registration and attendee management, and content creation for email and social media promotion.

The event programme comprised two distinct phases: during the ‘live days’ of 7-8 October, visitors could chat or video call in real-time with exhibitor representatives; while from 9 October to 4 November, they could access the virtual booths and leave messages for exhibitors.

After entering a virtual lobby designed by Global-link MP, participants could click on the appropriate ‘annex’ to instantly access any part of the convention, including joining the conference and webinars underway in the ‘APIC Conference Hall’ and ‘Networking Rooms’. For the PAPM 60th Anniversary ‘room’, the team designed virtual stages and produced a video highlighting the organization’s milestones.

In the Exhibition Hall, exhibitors’ virtual booths were designed to offer great flexibility for brand expression and showcasing. As well as enabling them to display their full array of services, the booths also allowed visitors to exchange catalogues, photos and contacts, and even schedule meetings via the booths, while exhibitors could survey visitors for future business analysis.

To further boost visitor engagement – especially as they waited between sessions – the team designed and built an ‘APIC Arcade Room’ with activities customised with various brand hallmarks. Users lined up matching brand logos in ‘Character Connect’, piled up boxes in ‘Box Stacker’, and turned over pairs of matching ‘cards’ in a ‘Memory Game’. Further interactive features included a photo booth which enabled participants to post images on their own social media accounts, and a help desk which offered exhibition guidance to those in need.


The convention successfully demonstrated the ability to host international events amid travel restrictions. Key achievements included:

  • 28 countries represented
  • 18 sponsor booths
  • 720 delegates
  • Total visits per event area:
    • Lobby – 14,169
    • Expo – 2,395
    • Arcade – 2,420
    • Plenary Hall – 2,049


“It was important to us that this event would be more than a sales opportunity – we also wanted participants to gain an understanding of the industry’s development and direction. Global-Link MP developed an event platform that was not only easy to use, but which provided enormous flexibility for sponsors and attendees, great scope for interaction, gamification that increased visitor engagement, and the capacity for a conference and webinar programme. We are glad we chose Global-Link MP as our event partner and hope to do this with them again soon”

– Derrick Tan, President, Philippine Association of Paint Manufacturers, Inc