DBS Asian Insights Conference

The DBS Asian Insights Conference is a biennial flagship event by DBS Bank. The conference brings together global thought leaders, C-suite executives and specialist experts to discuss the most pressing issues of the day, with a top-level audience that includes high net worth individuals and business leaders.

DBS Bank engaged Pico to produce a virtual solution which recreated the in-person conference experience to the greatest extent possible – and deliver it seamlessly for a global audience.



Creating a truly engaging and immersive virtual conference required the team to draw from its wide experience in show production and technology. A key tenet was to develop the experience as part of a potential long-term ‘new normal’ strategy rather than a stop-gap measure during the pandemic when social gatherings were restricted. This would require the team to fully leverage and push the boundaries of typical virtual formats, including its potential to expand the audience and speaker base, support more diverse content, and extend the event beyond the ‘live’ conference dates to increase its lead-generating potential and stretch the client’s ROI.

Just as importantly, by spearheading a successful on-brand virtual conference, DBS Bank would also be better positioned as a digital-first thought leader.


During the development of the platform and user interface, managing the client’s content, and arranging the global livestream, the team relied on industry insights and know-how to ensure participants and viewers enjoyed a thoughtful experience. Pico also offered technical and back-end data support and analysis for event decision making and remarketing purposes.

Visitors could enter the ‘venue’ with a virtual tour starting with a stunning 360-degree panoramic event lobby. From there, a simple click transported them to any of three main spaces – the Main Stage, Learning Hub and Networking Lounge. A help desk was manned by a virtual assistant to answer enquiries.

In the Main Stage, visitors could access and watch livestreams of 14 keynote and panel sessions. Pico provided show production support, including speaker, moderator and admin onboarding, as well as set and selected video productions.

At the Learning Hub, visitors could access and download a wide variety of exclusive content from DBS. This included a showcase corner focusing on DBS Bank’s social enterprise efforts. By clicking on virtual shelves, visitors could also browse through recordings of past conference sessions as well as research topics on a varied number of topics.

Completing the immersive experience was the Networking Lounge, which enabled guests to meet, mingle and text chat in real-time – just as they would at an ‘in-person’ gathering, but without being constrained by place.


2,331 unique visitors and 80+ media representatives from 46 countries in attendance

Client Testimonial

“We appreciate Pico’s efforts to create a truly immersive virtual conference. Their professionalism in creating an interactive website and a creative concept for the site platform, and in ensuring smooth operation, helped make our first virtual conference a real success.”
Myrna Poon, COO, Group Strategic Marketing & Communications, DBS Bank