e Cloud at China Telecom’s nationwide ‘China 5G·24-hour’ Online Broadcast

The nationwide ‘China’s 5G·24-hour’ Online Broadcast was hosted by China Telecom on ‘World Telecommunication Day’ on 17 May 2020. For e Cloud, which serves as China Telecom’s cloud service, the Broadcast was an ideal opportunity to introduce the public to the essence of cloud computing and the 5G cloud network.

e Cloud also aimed to demonstrate developments in the integration and application of cloud network in different industries. Ultimately, the Broadcast would help e Cloud to boost brand awareness whilst expanding China Telecom’s market share in the cloud service sector.



e Cloud’s involvement comprised a one-hour slot in the programme, with a target audience comprising corporate customers as well as the general public. This being the case, the Pico team considered it crucial that e Cloud’s content would make complex ideas easily understandable, and demonstrate how cloud computing can make everyday living more convenient. Creating interesting and interactive content and broadcasting on multiple platforms would also be vital to immersing and engaging a wide audience.


The Pico team was responsible for the overall planning, including the event programme, filming, post-production and broadcast. Video content for broadcast was created at the core of e Cloud’s brand message. A series of videos respectively introduced e Cloud’s data centres in Guizhou and Inner Mongolia, the cloud solution supporting the COVID-19-related efforts of Huoshenshan Hospital in Wuhan, and services to Original Force, a digital entertainment company.

Combining dynamic visuals with strategically planned content, each video delivered by the team transformed complex concepts into easy to grasp presentations by emphasising the sheer convenience 5G and cloud technologies can bring to everyday situations, and showcased the capabilities of e Cloud. Pico also produced pre-event promo and post-event videos, intended respectively to grab the audience’s attention and encourage them to revisit the entire broadcast content.

Another highlight was a live discussion of cloud computing gurus, with an industry expert and the heads of China Telecom and e Cloud sharing practical insights on cloud computing with the audience. The team worked closely with the video crew on-site to ensure that the live session went off without a hitch.

The broadcast was carried across a range of platforms – and especially those with a strong market influence – to achieve maximum audience reach. Whilst the content originated from China Telecom’s broadcast platform, it was also distributed to social media such as Bilibili and CCTV’s platform.


On China Telecom’s platform, the project achieved:

  • accumulated approximately five million online views of the broadcast
  • accumulated approximately 350,000 likes, nearly 140,000 live comments and almost 130,000 reposts of the broadcast

On other media platforms:

  • accumulated over 33 million views