Green Packet Digital Day

Hosted by Green Packet, an internationally recognised telecommunications, media and technology company, the first-ever live-streaming hybrid Green Packet Digital Day 2020 was held in mid-August showcasing its new digital and cloud technologies for different industries and institutions.



The event welcomed participation of the general public, especially those from the technology industry, to embrace another level of digitalisation driven by the new normal. Running in a hybrid format – a physical event and a tailor-made virtual platform – Green Packet Digital Day not only accentuated interactive and immersive experiences, but it also successfully took the event to reach a wider audience.


There were two sections to the onsite event. The morning session covered speeches by a special guest and Green Packet’s management team, signing ceremony, press conference and three Digital Nation Programmes, while six Digital Communities and one sharing session on digital innovation were held in the afternoon.

Pico managed the media press conference and the signing ceremony for Green Packet who entered the cloud computing segment in Malaysia as a strategic partner of Tencent Cloud. The team also designed and built the stage, produced the LED backdrop and set up the sound and lighting system. For the signing ceremony, the team produced a video and animation for a hologram effect to facilitate speakers and guests participating the ceremony remotely in virtual form.

Utilising interactive TVs, the team created the experience booth in the foyer by custom designing and building according to Green Packet’s requirement, showcasing the advancement of digitalisation from now to the future.

For the virtual platform, Pico developed a microsite to host the live streaming of the event in order to reach and engage a wider audience. The team created a virtual room with live chat function for speakers to upload their materials like brochures, photos and video in order to convey their complete messages to the attendees and maintain a high level of interactivity.

  • Around 250 guests and staffs attended the on-site event
  • More than 400 viewers on Green Packet’s Facebook, with 4,000 hits on the FB live feed