Halloween SAW Maze at Motiongate Dubai

The brief was to help launch a Halloween tradition at Motiongate Dubai, the incredible Hollywood-inspired theme park, by building the image of the park as top destination for Halloween parties. The goal was to do this by bringing to life the terrifying SAW horror-thriller franchise in the form of a maze-like haunted house.



Unlike other horror-thriller franchises, the SAW movies are more about suspense than outright blood and gore. The team leveraged this feeling when creating this haunted house with a ‘true to the film’ themed maze. Their task was to harness their creativity to re-create the sets and creepy ‘people traps’ from the Saw movies, and manage the actors and the overall light and sound experience to deliver an experience that would make visitors scream themselves silly.


This project involved a lot of careful coordination and practice runs, using a temporary maze structure and live replicas of the traps to rehearse the scare actors’ movements before the final build. Through careful research and execution, we ensured that the maze was as true to the film and as frightening as possible. Materials like concrete finish wall panels, wooden doors and ceilings, torn plastic curtains, rusted pipes and themed lights, furniture and mannequins deepened the eerie atmosphere, while the light and sound effects sealed the frightening fate of the maze’s visitors.

On a lighter note, the maze was very eco-friendly – our team used modular and reusable building components to ensure the structure could be reused in the future. Materials with superior thermal insulation were used to cut down on air conditioning, while only eco-safe paints and adhesives were used when required. LED lighting was used almost exclusively to further reduce power consumption.


The client was highly satisfied with our work and early delivery, with the maze welcoming 5,646 terrified visitors during its run.