Israel Pavilion at Expo 2017 Astana

With its theme of ‘Energy of Creation’, the Israel Pavilion at Expo 2017 Astana showed off Israel’s spirit of creativity and innovation as well as the country’s breath-taking variety of entrepreneurs. The pavilion focused on telling the entertaining and fascinating stories of many Israeli companies in the green technology sphere.

The ‘Energy of Creation’ theme was created by the show production company, Avant Video Systems (AVS) because it reflected the essence and the variety of developments and achievements Israel has made in terms of alternative energy. The theme dovetailed well with the broader theme of Astana: ‘Future Energy’, as it showed how the people of Israel are propelling future energy through their knowledge, creative skills and passion. Pico provided fit out and operations services to the pavilion.


The experience journey

This small but significant pavilion was rich with sights, sounds, details and ‘wow factor’.

First, a giant, interactive 12m high LED display on the building’s main façade welcomed visitors to the building. The screen depicted the varied landscapes of Israel in the context of alternative energy production. From time to time, members of the public were invited to participate in an interactive game, where foot-operated ‘steppers’ illuminated an onscreen city. The friendly competition between expo-goers created a commotion near the pavilion entrance, helping to generate buzz among visitors and on social media.

Inside, AV technology, theatrical performances and a reflective ‘infinity room’ provided highly polished and immersive experiences to visitors. These included two shows. First was ‘The Country of Energy’, which displayed Israeli know-how in the alternative energy sector. The room in which this show was held was decorated with 2,400 LED bulbs and massive mirrors, 150 sq. m. in size, that gave the feeling of being caught up in an endless stream of energy.

The second show was called ‘Energy of Creation’, and was held in the pavilion’s central space. The show featured choreographic interaction between a solo dancer on stage surrounded by the audience, an animation projected on a 6m transparent screen, a video projection on the hall walls and a 1.5 m LED sphere that appeared to be soaring above the stage. The show symbolised ‘the ability of one person to create his own world and transform the energy around them’.

The Israel Pavilion hosted several activities during the expo, including various musical performers who were invited to deliver performances for the entire expo period that reflected the inimitable spirit of Israel. On Israel’s National Day, AvevA, an Israeli band made an appearance which charged visitors with the driving energy of love and freedom; and the world-famous ‘King David Peace Drummers’ performance filled audiences with the exciting energy of drum beats.


The pavilion won the Best Presentation award at Expo 2017 Awards, given by EXHIBITOR magazine.

The reaction

‘This year’s Expo theme was all about the matter of Future Energy. For us, true energy was driven into our project by your determination, endless efforts and hardworking 24/7. All your efforts lead to an impressive and immersive experience. We are all very proud of our pavilion.

We would like to express our deep gratitude for your hard work and great commitment, and we are looking forward to embark on future projects together.’ – Avant Video Systems (AVS), Creative Development and Project Production of Israel Pavilion