JD at The 34th China International Hardware Fair

The China International Hardware Fair is one of the largest and widely known events of its kind. For the 34th edition in Shanghai, it featured more than 7,500 booths and over 3,000 exhibiting companies within an exhibition area in excess of 140,000 sq. m. Visitors to the fair – many of them professional hardware buyers – numbered in the tens of thousands.

For JD, the event was an opportunity to increase its influence in the industrial products industry and expand both its business and its brands’ avenues for investment and cooperation. Pico was commissioned to design, build and operate a booth to support these goals.



JD Industrial Products was launched in 2019 as a one-stop platform for suppliers and purchasers. JD’s presence at the China International Hardware Fair would help to establish a brand image for the new platform. Offline displays would expose visitors to the strength of JD Industrial Products’ business, ultimately helping JD’s brands to develop investment and cooperation, reach out to more potential customers, and gain a deeper understanding of consumer needs and competition.


The booth was designed on an open-plan basis, with bright blue used as the main theme colour. Lattice and grid shapes accented the structure’s form while lending it high-tech character.

Responding to JD’s wish for an interactive booth, the team created a mini game on an H5 mobile webpage. By using their phone to scan a QR code at the booth, visitors could also amuse themselves with the game. Players shook their phones to accelerate the construction of a building, with their progress displayed on a large screen at the booth.

  • Over 20,000 visitors to the booth. Nearly 2,000 visitors registered at the booth
  • 3,000 people participated in the mini game