JD Discovery 2019

The JD Discovery 2019 was about finding new ways to maximise value in the digital economy. Held in Beijing in November, it brought together leaders from the local and international technology sector, academia, investment and other industries, and cross-industry opinion leaders for an insightful exchange of brainpower and innovation.

But JD Group’s aims didn’t end there: Notably, the event would help crystallise JD Group’s IP by demonstrating their unique brand value, their technological leadership, and the potential of their technology for solving issues in industries.



The power of technology to shape the future was to be a running theme through the event’s main forum, seven breakout forums and exhibition of JD Group’s achievements. Stunning visual stage effects would create a suitably futuristic backdrop for participants exchanging their insights.


Pico’s overall planning, fabrication, operation, design and visual elements services worked together to create the event’s high-impact setting.

The team took the ancient Egyptian ‘Eye of Horus’ as an inspiring spiritual and intellectual symbol that expressed the vision behind JD Group’s development of new technologies and practical applications. From there evolved a core concept of exploration and discovery, and a series of concise visual elements. These were applied at the entranceway, stage and throughout the venue to create a consistent look.

The team carefully planned stage effects with a giant LED screen and stage structures specially designed to convey an impression of JD Group’s multifaceted strengths.

The team used the brand’s products and technologies as a basis for the overall concept and zoning of the ‘Smart Town’ exhibition area. A series of ‘scenes’ were created depicting everyday life, public areas, entertainment venues and others, with each serving as a practical demonstration of innovative products. Forum participants were similarly afforded glimpses of JD Group’s achievements and their real-world applications. The team ensured a smooth traffic flow through each area, allowing visitors to explore and engage with the content at ease.

  • Over 4,000 participants
  • 74% media presence rate
  • Two million online views
  • 24.34 million times of exposure across all channels
  • 329 pieces of event-related content disseminated across channels including websites and social media platforms