JD Redmi K30 5G Edition Smartphone Online Launch

JD and Redmi’s K30 5G edition represents something compelling in the smartphone world – as JD’s data analytics capabilities were used to help Redmi customise the model precisely to customer preferences, and it was intended for sale exclusively on the popular JD retail platform. Similarly, the phone’s launch event was to be broadcast online, aiming it at the heart of JD’s youthful audience.



As the phone is targeted at customers aged 20 to 30, the launch would rely heavily on cutting-edge style and spectacle. Lighting effects and animations would be used to accentuate the product’s unique colour range, complemented by an array of audio sensations.


Pico provided turnkey services for the launch including planning, venue fabrication, AV equipment supply, on-site recording, post-production, special effects and online broadcast.

The team used editing and production to bring a brisk pace to the event’s visual elements, and onscreen product information was overlaid with animation to help maintain audience interest.


Live views of the online launch reached 830,000.