JD Discovery 2020

In November 2020, leaders from the technology, academic and investment sectors gathered in Beijing before an in-person and livestream audience for the JD Discovery. Its theme was ‘Digital Intelligence Interconnection and Shaping the Future’, and its aim was to offer insight on digital intelligence trends, best practices in application, and future development.



JD Group aimed to promote its business and demonstrate its technological achievements via both physical and virtual interfaces. As experts from different disciplines and industries would be sharing their insights and exploring practical uses of JD technologies, the event would support them with a main forum, six sub-forums, and multiple online thematic forums. Visual effects would create a conducive atmosphere for exchanges of ideas in both the physical space and the online platform.


Pico was entrusted to create the event, with the team delivering overall event management of the physical conference, production and management of the online platform, and video recording and livestreaming services.

In keeping with the event’s theme and purpose, the team strove to create a venue that would be a memorable visual representation of digitalisation and intelligence. Taking a deep dive into technology-fuelled design, they evolved a futuristically black, clean-lined décor scheme that extended to both the physical space and the online platform.

The online-offline synchronisation was more than visual; the team ensured that all activities and processes between them would proceed seamlessly. The team not only filmed and livestreamed activities in the main and sub-forums, but also recorded, edited and broadcasted materials from the online thematic forums. Photos from the physical event were uploaded instantly for visitors’ immediate access. Just a day after JD Discovery ended, its entire contents were publicly accessible via the online platform.

  • 1,432 visitors joined the physical forums, of which 1,000 engaged in interactions
  • 102 media present, with a 78% participation