Setia Virtual X – Virtual Expo

Setia Virtual X – a first-of-its-kind virtual expo – was launched in Malaysia to exhibit local and international property projects and allow potential buyers to experience property ownership.



A virtual environment which mimicked a physical event as closely as possible would be vital for creating the expo's immersive visitor experience.


Visitors could enter the ‘venue’ with a virtual tour starting with a stunning 360-degree panoramic event lobby. From there, a simple click transported them to the virtual exhibition halls with different virtual booths. By clicking on a booth, visitors could see its full realistic rendering including its name, detailed description, video and access interactive experiences such as live chat function.

Pico was responsible for the entire event management, from creative design and development, to development of microsite, registration support, and production and execution of live streaming.

Interactive webinars, live chats, lucky draw and a virtual game were woven into the proceedings to maintain momentum and a high level of audience interest. To satisfy the industry’s need and further optimise user experience, Pico also helped integrate the loan calculator into the microsite.


The three-day virtual expo attracted 2,000 potential customers online.