SIBOS 2015 was the latest version of this annual mega-conference and pre-eminent business forum for the world’s financial services community which has been running since 1978. In addition to meetings and seminars, SIBOS 2015 also hosted a massive exhibition with over 200 financial institutions, application and middleware vendors, systems integrators, consultants, and central clearing systems providers in attendance. Working with the organizer and several global clients, Pico delivered a number of outstanding services at SIBOS 2015.


For the event organizer, our teams provided specialty project management, technical provision, supply, fabrication, installation and dismantling, and operations management services. Unlike other exhibitions, SIBOS 2015 was unique in that it required all booths to be customised, meaning that the organizer was responsible for executing special designs for the exhibitors. As such, they were obliged to develop detailed and innovative designs which had to cater for the needs of high-profile visitors and fulfil functionality requirements.

Pico delivered excellence on every level for the organizer, executing a number of complex deliverables. In terms of exhibition elements, including directional signage, display elements, backdrops, counters and more, we helped deliver high precision, high quality 3D and acute pieces. We also provided specialised, energy-saving lighting, large quantities of floral arrangements – arranging flowers for almost 200 booths – and sourcing large quantities of specialised furniture pieces from outside our usual catalogue. Items provided in each of these areas had to be of the highest quality, and our conscientious and communicative team delivered flawless perfection.

Pico also went above and beyond for our individual SIBOS 2015 clients. For Ernst and Young, we not only designed and delivered their graphics-heavy open plan 48 sq. m. booth, we also took care of numerous smaller but no less important details – from getting a specific high-performance coffee machine up and running to ensuring that there was sufficient storage for their many products and goody bags.

For OCBC bank, we designed and fabricated their highly unique 144 sq. m. open plan booth which, according to their wishes, had to be similar to their retail banking outlets. The open concept facilitated an excellent traffic flow, but it was the details that really captured visitors’ imagination, from the round meeting rooms (instead of the usual rectangle shape) with their privacy-enhancing frosted white doors, to the delicate, eye-catching glass water feature – symbolizing a constant flow of wealth – which required careful planning to ensure it was installed and functioning safely and correctly.

Finally for Perago, we delivered a gleaming, curvilinear, wave-inspired booth which helped enhance their corporate message of providing multiple levels of services to their customers. Overcoming spatial challenges, the unique design maximised the space available to give Perago all the room they needed for a successful exhibition.