Signage for attractions at Jewel Changi Airport

At 14,000 sq.m . in size, the Canopy Park on the top level of Jewel Changi Airport, is not only huge, it is filled with unique world-class attractions. Pico was tasked with creating a signage system – including attraction signs, ticketing kiosks and safety signs – that were simultaneously functional and aesthetically pleasing.



Called ‘The Gems in the Jewel Box’, our design envisaged a series of precious gems that visitors could find within the mall – based on the rationale that people’s innate attraction to sparkly things makes for inspired signage.

By studying the airport’s landscape and the organic shapes of various gemstones, we came up with a series of shapes that complement the surroundings and enhance the visual experience of the different attractions. The signage was designed with a consistent ‘design language’, but with each sign having its own personality. A combination of materials was chosen to create gem-like structures, which were also durable and waterproof given their plant and water-based environment.


Placement of the signage was carefully studied to consider sunlight direction, visitor behaviour and line of sight. Finally, the signs were carefully installed at specific angles, which allow visitors to see changes in colours as they walk towards the attractions. Overall, these signs were a huge success, and resulted in Pico receiving another Jewel contract.