Caribbean Bay at Samsung Everland is Korea’s largest theme park. Styled after Caribbean Bay in Latin America, in June 2011 the park celebrated its 15th anniversary with the launch of a new attraction: Aqua Loop.

The ride was inspired by an old Caribbean ghost story. In the tale, voodoo witch doctors cast spells to lure pirates and bandits to a treehouse. There, the spellbound victims would be bound to tube-shaped caskets and dropped into waters far below.

In the Aqua Loop version, a capsule-shaped vehicle replaces the casket. The ride starts with an 18 metre free fall through a ‘funhouse’ environment adorned with the grotesque faces of voodoo doctors. Propelled out of the doctors’ mouths by a rush of water, thrill-seekers then rocket through a series of 360-degree loops at speeds of up to 90 km/h before finally splashing down and coming to rest.