Pico’s experts helped activate the Architect’s Pavilion for the Association of Siamese Architects (ASA) at the Architect Expo 2015 in Bangkok.

Held in Bangkok’s massive Impact Challenger Hall, the Expo ran for six days and was spread over an incredible 75,000 sq. m. Our team provided turnkey design, fabrication and creative services for the immense 6,000 sq. m. pavilion, focusing their attention on the artistic and environmental aspects of the project. With its theme of ’Thainess’ and a tagline of ‘ASA: Next’, the team adopted elements from traditional Thai art for the design inspiration. After intensive research, we based the main design on an ancient Thai pattern called ‘Rak Roy’ which was then incorporated into a nontraditional gallery-style display. In terms of what is ‘next’ for the Thai people and the world, there was an overwhelming consensus on one theme: conservation.

Pico showcased both these thematic concepts through a mix of recycled and eco-friendly materials. The team prepared over 200,000 pieces of paper which were used as partitions in the main pavilion area; these were later donated back to the client for use as sketch paper for students and professional architects. A majority of the gallery furnishings created, including model displays and boards were created using Shera, is a fibre-cement product used as a wood substitute. Shera is made of 30% recyclable materials and releases no pollution into the environment. During this project it reduced construction waste and made the fabrication process faster and cleaner. All other furniture at the event was also rented and then reused.

The environmentally-friendly, open and traditional design of the pavilion resulted in a unique, multifaceted and unequivocally Thai-style pavilion for the enjoyment of the 350,000 plus visitors.