The future arrived in cities across China this summer with the tour of the ‘Audi Cube’ roadshow. A large, mysterious mirrored glass box appeared, mirage-like - first in Beijing, then in Shenzhen and Tianjin, and then in the wilds of the Inner Mongolian desert. By day, the enigmatic cube drew curious crowds, but as the sun went down, it lit up in a spectacular display as LED images swam across its mirrored surface and brought to life the Audi motto ‘Vorsprung durch Tecknik’ - Advancement through Technology.

Inside, the ‘magic box’ was packed full of fun and engaging interactive content - including an immersive 720 degree theatre - and social games which gave visitors an unforgettable Audi experience. Interactive boxes took guests behind the wheel and into the worlds of the Audi e-tron, the Audi Connect and the Audi Ultra, and gave them their own personalised experience of electro-mobility, networked driving and the lightweight automobile.

Technology was ever-present: transparent touch-screen exhibits gave visitors the chance to interact with what would normally be static displays, while an iPad app enhanced the flow of information and custom software let players share the results of their gameplay and photos of themselves on social media.

The eye-catching cube and its exciting content ensured a memorable experience for everyone who stepped inside across the country, and gave Audi valuable insight into their Chinese customer base.