The Australian Defence Force (ADF) has been in existence since 1903, with a mission to defend Australia and its national interests. In late July, Pico helped the ADF create an environment for the Australian defence forces and the defence industry to come together, network and be part of a conference at the Adelaide Convention Centre.

Pico teams were responsible for design, fabrication, multimedia and project management for the 3,000 sq. m. conference and its 2,500 attendees. With an extremely short timeline of only four weeks from concept to delivery, we had to move fast to design and deliver this important event.

Compared with the previous three Defence and Industry conferences we have been involved with, this time the organisers took a very open approach to the event. Hard printed banners were used minimally, instead, multimedia screen pylons were scattered across the hall and entrance area, increasing space and allowing the mixed use of sponsorship videos and wayfinding graphics.

There was no exhibition component, so the design concept involved creating an integrated networking conferencing space with a variety of sitting areas to induce discussion between industry and government stakeholders. The end result was a highly productive conference and an extremely satisfied client.