Baidu is the world’s leading Chinese search engine for websites, audio files and images, with 57 specialist services designed to provide instantaneous information online. Accordingly, the brand’s image as a state-of-the-art ‘bridge’ between technology and information was the main inspiration for its 99 square-metre showroom in Beijing.

Building on that basic idea, Baidu’s showroom embodies two main concepts: “networks close the gap between people”, and “simple and reliable”. The first was expressed via a dark space imbedded with images of the universe, implying the capability of Baidu products to pull people together from their orbits into various networks. The second concept was implemented by dividing the showroom into four scenarios: home, office, on the road, and in a restaurant. Together, they demonstrated that Baidu can be accessed simply and efficiently virtually anywhere and at any time.

Cutting-edge technology was built into the space to add an interactive as well as demonstrative element to the experience.  Among its many features is digitally projected 3D animation, multi-touch screens, and LED display screens with real-time video playback.