Image is one of the most prominent symbols of the financial services industry. Branding is visible 24 hours a day, year after year, not only to existing customers but also to prospective clients and market participants with an interest in your brand. The right brand image can deliver your message to customers and prospects in your lobby during regular business hours, while after hours, exterior signage on a building or ATMs become key elements in displaying your brand image. 

The rapidly changing financial services market necessitates fairly frequent remodelling, re-branding, and refurbishment, allowing banks to grow and adapt to new environments. Pico specialises in providing practical visual identity solutions, highlighting each banking enterprise’s own unique brand image and characteristics. Whether simple or complex, subtle or radical, Pico delivers your ideal solution. We believe that audiences respond positively to colour, excitement and surprise, and we will build these factors into your brand image.

Our creative and project management teams are highly results-driven and will move quickly to propose customised strategies to help you achieve your goals.