Bangkokers seeking a refreshing beverage received something extra when they visited one of the Chang Beer gardens set up in the city between November 2015 and January 2016 - they also drank in an appealing new perspective on a favourite brand.

Brand owners Thaibev recently brewed up a new look and market positioning strategy for their popular Chang brand of beer. Crucial to supporting the new approach would be the beer gardens created at seven venues around Bangkok.

With a 'fresh perspective' as their starting point, the Pico team responsible for design and production worked to develop a full concept for the gardens, creating not only a visually impressive look, but also a complete programme of entertaining activities that would reinforce the Chang brand image. The result was a garden of distinctive, inclusive form, with interlinked curves and 'urban' cues creating a space that was ideal for socialising, circulating and relaxing.

Faced with the difficulty of creating seven beer gardens in widely scattered locations around Bangkok, the Pico team drew on its considerable experience to anticipate problems well in advance - and to organise the set-up effort accordingly. Teams were set up on each site to work simultaneously, ensuring a smooth, fast process which delivered each venue on time, and to a high standard of quality.