Pico have had an established track record in activating the Ferrari brand, thus when it was time for the Singapore showroom to align itself with Ferrari’s latest global corporate identity update, we were once again called upon to get the job done. In order to undergo the facelift, the showroom will have to be closed for an extended period of time. Taking into consideration, the client’s reluctance at shutting down the showroom completely, the Pico team built a temporary site for the interim period, pulling it off under an extremely tight project timeline of two months.

Another challenge faced by the project team was the month-long Italian August holiday break. With the bulk of the work occurring between July and September, the Italian suppliers, principals and design house had to be skillfully managed to meet the opening deadline of September 18, 2013. All design, layout and material orders were placed in advance to prevent any major bottlenecks.

The design of this showroom was to be the first of its kind in the world. As such, Pico had to source and stress test some of the fabrication methods suggested by our Italian counterparts and in many cases, suggest and implement new production techniques to reduce costs or ensure a more robust product. Our professionals provided a full interior renovation of the showroom, including hacking and demolition work, wet work, M&E and interior carpentry and glasswork. Exterior work included new branding, cladding works and flooring.

Despite the complexity and challenges, Pico lived up to its promise of delivering fast, high quality, turnkey projects and in the process added yet another successful activation of the famous prancing horse to our portfolio.