Established in 1982, Galmon pioneered mobile elevated work platforms in Singapore. These devices have transformed the way people perform work at heights, giving workers safe and reliable access to elevated areas. Galmon sells, rents and services the widest range of these platforms in Singapore, offering their customers ‘the safest way to the top’.

Pico designed and built a gallery for Galmon’s training centre to showcase their products to customers and VIPs. As the client did not have much experience with setting up such galleries, our teams leveraged their expertise and knowledge to craft an engaging storyline which could generate interest, excitement and convey the client’s message at the same time. Pico harnessed the eye-catching features of the original space – a bright orange concrete wall – and enhanced it with graphics and exhibition panels full of fascinating content. A model diorama visually highlighted the many safety milestones reached by the company, while interesting graphics and ‘edutainment’ elements added an element of fun to the gallery – presenting the vital concept of safety in an interesting and engaging way.