Though Hong Kong may be better known for its skyscrapers and urban density, it also has one of the most beautiful and diverse natural environments in Asia. Its hundreds of mostly uninhabited islands offer a broad canvas for exploring stunning flora, fauna, and some particularly complex rock formations. Geopark Visitor Centre, located in Sai Kung, is a 140 squaremetre visitor centre that gives a fascinating overview of the area’s geographical history through displays of samples, information panels, videos and interactive media.

Brightly colour-coded signage directs visitors to the centre’s various galleries while providing an eye-catching contrast to the natural hues of the rocks on display. The colours are repeated in maps and information panels. Display units, meanwhile, are custom-made from glass and acrylic, with some incorporating a small hole allowing visitors to reach in and feel the texture of rock samples. The displays are also spotlighted to allow for thorough visual examination of their distinct characteristics.

Meanwhile, life-size rock formations are interspersed throughout the centre to offer yet more highly textural focal points, and reinforcing the galleries’ themes of “Getting to Know Our Planet Earth” and “Geological Evolution of Hong Kong”.