The International Furniture Fair Singapore 2015 (IFFS) was held in conjunction with the 32nd ASEAN Furniture Show, the Décor Show, Hospitality 360 degree and Singaplural. Running for over three decades since the inaugural show in 1981, the IFFS is regarded by industry experts as Asia’s premier design-led exhibition and sourcing platform.

Besides being appointed as the official standfitting contractor, Pico was entrusted with providing total brand activation services to an impressive 36 companies at the show, this being our 15th year working with the IFFS. This mammoth task required six project teams working at full pace.

A key objective of the IFFS is that each year, something new should be brought to the table to raise the bar and bring the fair to new heights. This year, our teams were requested to provide new and innovative carpentry work to create a classy, luxurious look for the stands.

With multiple teams working on numerous stands at the same time, our challenges were ‘the usual suspects’ – i.e. meeting tight deadlines for clients with differing needs while adhering to the highest production standards and ensuring that the clients’ designs were feasibly implemented. Our experienced experts multitasked and stretched themselves to ensure that everything was ready in time.

One significant challenge was the installation of the designers’ lighting sculptures. This presented a puzzle for our teams to solve, since only a scale model was provided prior to the exhibition. Based on this model, the team had to design, test and produce a precise framework that could both support and exhibit these lighting sculptures. This was a test of the team’s precise technical engineering abilities, their patience in conducting careful onsite installations and adjustments, and their professionalism in realising the designer’s creative vision – a test we passed with flying colours.

We also had to work closely with the designer to ensure the setup of the show’s kinetic tunnel was flawless and that the motor functioned properly. During trials, the motor failed once, but our technical experts swiftly resolved the problem.

Pico’s experts delivered high levels of quality service across the board for IFFS 2015, skilfully supplying the different activations required by the clients.

For German firm Kare, we expended much time and effort ensuring that the details of their booth were perfect. With eight rooms plus a common area for accessories under eight different themes, as well as creating a unifying backdrop, this was not a straightforward task. The team spent hours carefully arranging two 40-foot containers full of furniture and interior decorations for the Victorian, French-inspired, Gothic, Pop Art, Grunge, Safari, Balinese and Oriental rooms. These efforts paid off, as Kare’s booth won first runner-up in the 200 sq. m. and above category at the show’s Best Stand Awards.

For Interwood Vietnam, one of the largest furniture makers in Vietnam, their innovative stand reflected the spirit of the company. Expanding in size from the previous year to reflect their drive for greater distribution and market share, our teams delivered top-quality build services and delivered the booth in a timely fashion, pleasing the client for the fourth year in a row.

For King Koil, we provided design and build services for their booth which focused on their lifestyle-oriented sofa sets and was specifically geared to their hotel clients. Pico rigorously followed King Koil’s ‘clean and classy’ design intent and delivered a stand which achieved their overall objectives and precisely followed their corporate identity.

“We would like to thank you and your team for your contribution to the success of IFFS 2015. The team was responsive and efficient, helping us get ready in the months preceding the event. It was a pleasure working with the dedicated team as part of our team. Thank you and we look forward to working with your team at IFFS 2016!” - Adeline Siau, Assistant Director, Operations,

International Furniture Fair Singapore Pte. Ltd.