ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands explores creative processes at the heart of art, science, technology and culture, and their roles in shaping society.

Pico was invited to contribute to Into the Wild, an immersive permanent development at the museum.

Using Lenovo's Phab 2 Pro, the world’s first Tango-enabled smartphone, visitors step into the role of a ranger and embark on a virtual reality adventure. They interact with the key inhabitants of the Southeast Asian rainforest and learn about the imminent dangers they face

Into the Wild culminates with a cinematic experience, produced by Pico in collaboration with one of Singapore’s leading filmmakers, Brian Gothong Tan.


The Into the Wild experience begins at ArtScience Museum’s Basement 2 level. Immersed in a lush digital world, visitors will observe animals in their natural habitat and take action to defend the natural environment from destruction. The adventure leads visitors around the museum and up to Level 4, where their actions will help restore the rainforest of Southeast Asia. This experience was made possible by Tango’s area learning, depth sensing and motion tracking capabilities.
Pico provided the design concept, content, physical layout and installation services for the experience. It also developed and produced the immersive film installation. A high level of creativity was required at every turn to make the experience fresh and unique.


The development and installation of Into the Wild ran from November 2016 to February 2017. Throughout this period, theteam focused on making this 1,000 square metres exhibition realistic, and educational. We achieved a number of firsts during the execution, including the development of a specialised Tango casing which allows visitors to have a firm grip on the mobile devices to get the most out of the experience; setting up a challenging curved wall projection for the animation film; providing six screens opposite side wall to feature numerous details such as close-up views and information of various endangered animals and a tree.

The reaction

Today we had a successful press launch of Into the Wild, thanks to all of your hard work.

Together, we transformed over 1,000 square metres of ArtScience Museum's public spaces into a virtual rainforest using AR and VR technology. A big thank you to the Pico team for meeting our expectations. It would not have been possible without the team’s commitment to the project. Throughout the entire process, the team’s positive attitude ensured the success of the experience.

- Jason Teo, Associate Director of ArtScience Museum