This new Lenovo Service Centre in Singapore is a compelling example of how sophisticated functional requirements can give rise to a design of clean-lined, intuitive form.

The design evolved from Lenovo’s concept of a true ‘one-stop shop’ where all customer enquiries and issues – even technical ones – could be not only received, but also resolved on the spot. To enable this, the Centre would offer more than the usual assortment of service counters, product displays and information desks; it would also bring product adjustment and repair in-house with its own technical service room.

For Pico, who designed and fabricated the Centre as a complete ‘turnkey’ package, that key innovation triggered its own far-reaching innovations. To ensure a smooth workflow, for example, the technical service room features two access points; one for receiving repair product deliveries, and another – a service window – for receiving the products to be repaired.

Because many customers will wait in the Centre for product repairs to be completed, comfort was another priority. The 210 square-metre space’s generous seating and combined product display and complimentary snack corner offer an engaging, restful service experience for customers. The aim is to ensure they pass their time pleasantly – and as relaxed or as engaged as they wish to be.

The design’s emphasis on making its sophisticated functions painless also contributed to its space planning. Large, uncluttered and minimally subdivided volumes give the Centre both a pleasing clarity of purpose and a natural ‘flow’ which makes interactions extremely intuitive and fuss-free.

Currently the largest of Lenovo’s Service Centres in Singapore, the entire project – right down to such details as its AV and security systems – was delivered by Pico. As the pilot project for future centres, it is very much the shape of things to come for Lenovo customer service in Asia.