Pico has years of experience of working in the demanding environment of refuelling stations, and health and safety is at the heart of our approach to working on-site. Our teams are qualified and trained to the standards of the respective country’s regulatory bodies; a mandatory requirement which ensures safe working practices. Sign implementation is planned in detail, which offers minimal disruption to site owners and allows our technicians to work in a safe, controlled manner.

We also understand our clients’ sensitivity to environmental issues, and are aware of our civic responsibility to minimise environmental disruption. All materials used in our products are environmentally inert or eco-friendly. We design and manufacture superior-quality products using the most advanced technology and equipment available. Continuous research and development permits us to quickly integrate new techniques, materials and products, which allows us to consistently offer our clients the most environmentally-sensitive products at the most competitive prices. 

Pico’s attention to detail at the highest levels, along with our commitment to zero defects in production, allows us to meet and exceed your company’s needs at the highest possible standards.