HSBC, the global banking giant, was the co-title sponsor of the 2012 Cathay Pacific/HSBC Hong Kong Rugby Sevens. HSBC wanted to use the event to entertain up to one thousand of their key stakeholders and customers in the spectacular, flamboyant style of ‘The Sevens’. As one of HSBC’s flagship sponsorships in Asia, the client required a memorable and engaging experiences for their guests.

Pico was heavily involved, with the client’s appointed Sports agency Fast Track, in the creative design and build of three corporate boxes and the Hospitality Marquee, and to organise and theme their Group CEO Dinner for HSBC. For each of these mini-events, HSBC gave a number of touch points that needed to be hit: first and foremost they needed people to know that an invitation from HSBC was the hottest ticket to the Sevens. HSBC also wanted their boxes to deliver the highest quality VIP experience, and to be the talking point - and biggest party - on the Executive Floor.

As there were over 50 executive boxes at Hong Kong Stadium for the 2012 Sevens, the biggest challenge was thinking of a way to ensure that the HSBC boxes truly stood out. Another challenge was a common one - the short timeframe for setup and the many restrictions and limitations from the Stadium. Pico had two weeks to renovate the boxes and only 72 hours to set up the Marquee.

To ensure that all VIP needs were catered for, Pico decided to make sure that there was something for everyone. Three separate themes were used for the three boxes: a ‘City Roof Bar’, a ‘Virtual Stadium Pitch’ and a Fancy Dress party. The Hospitality Marquee had an outdoor Garden Bar as its focal point, but also had a restorative Oxygen Bar and massage area, which proved very popular with guests.

To complete the experience and to keep the party going after the sporting action had stopped for the day, we had a live DJ in the evenings and at the afterparty.

In the end, 2012 was one of the most exciting and well-attended Hong Kong Sevens in history. The event made sporting headlines around the world, and HSBC ticked every box: not only did they give their clients and stakeholders an unforgettable weekend, they proved that they understand rugby and are committed to supporting its growth around the world.