Sidel is the leading global provider of PET solutions for the packaging of liquids like water, soft drinks and sensitive beverages such as milk, liquid dairy products, juices and tea. Sidel’s high-profile global clients include Nestle, Coca Cola and Pepsi.

KNOWLEDGEshare is a series of networking and forum events organized in association with Sidel, aiming to discuss issues and find solutions to common problems in the global beverage industry. Sidel’s goal at KNOWLEDGEshare Dubai was to gather their most important clients from the Gulf region to examine issues like sustainability, efficient production lines, changing trends and the future of the industry.

Pico helped activate this event for Sidel by providing installation, technology, branding and event management solutions, adding value in a number of ways. First, to create a feeling of immersion for guests, we placed screens along both sides of the conference room, creating continuity from the central screen all the way to the back of the room. With the addition of speakers placed on all sides, a captivating and engaging atmosphere was created. Tech-wise, our teams provided iPads for each guest and through a bespoke app developed by the team, every guest got to participate either by answering questions or asking their own questions which were read out to the audience by the presenter.

We also organised and managed lunch and dinner breaks. At the dinner we completely reconditioned an outdoor area, creating an elegant dinner setting with live music and decorations. A life-sized LED tree, illuminated replicas of metropolitan buildings, illuminated bars and tables and dozens of illuminated orbs spread around the venue serving the dual purpose of improving aesthetics and increasing visibility. At lunch we used roll-up banners and welcome cards on the table printed with a message and the event super graphic.