The Singapore Botanic Gardens has been a beloved green space since the nation's early days. Though the Gardens welcomes over four million visitors annually, not all know of the Gardens’ conservation and research work, or its instrumental role in the ‘greening’ of Singapore.

The establishment of the new Heritage Museum in the Holttum Hall building helped to raise awareness of the Gardens' history. To create its core exhibits, displays and interactive installations, the Pico team provided a turnkey exhibition service, including research planning, storyline development, design, fabrication and content delivery. A contemporary presence amid the Hall’s colonial splendour, the exhibits take visitors down to the Gardens’ historical roots in an experience that embraces the histories of key personnel and the Gardens’ role in establishment of Singapore’s early rubber, oil palm, sugar palm and orchid industries.

The latter ‘Living in a Garden’ exhibition at the City Developments Limited (CDL) Green Gallery brought additional focus to the Gardens’ role in greening Singapore, with exhibits that change every six months. Appropriately, the venue itself was designed and built as a sustainable showpiece; completely prefabricated to simplify assembly, its exterior is clad in a bio-material called ‘hempcrete’. It also features green walls and a green roof, a showcase of vertical greenery. The roof is clad in photovoltaic cells, which generate more power from the sun than is required to run all aspects of the building.

As a result, the gallery was awarded BCA Green Mark Platinum status – the Building and Construction Authority’s highest available rating for green buildings in Singapore.