Team Coca-Cola Play Nation at Tokyo 2020 Olympics

Unable to host an in-person pavilion due to the impact of COVID-19, Worldwide Olympic and Paralympic Partner Coca-Cola asked Pico to help find the best way to activate its brands before and during the Games while carefully considering the safety of its consumers and others across the country. Pico worked hand-in-hand with Coca-Cola to develop a fun-filled online experience that showcased a range of portfolio brands, including Coca-Cola, Aquarius, Ayataka, Georgia and I LOHAS.



People in Japan and around the world worked hard to overcome all the uncertainty surrounding the Olympic and Paralympic Games, ensuring that the outcome would be convincingly in the spirit of the Olympics. In the same spirit, the Team Coca-Cola Play Nation activation was strategically planned to reach across generations, communities and families in Japan, responding to ‘Togetherness’ – a key pillar of the Coca-Cola brand – and their corporate purpose: ‘Refresh the world – make a difference’”.


Pico worked with Coca-Cola to activate the diverse portfolio and branded assets of Team Coca-Cola through a virtual Games Time experience called Team Coca-Cola Play Nation. Users could access the experience with their digital devices before and during the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Play Nation’s product-branded games included:

  • ‘Team Coca-Cola Virtual Torch Relay’, which enabled users to team up with their friends for a relay run.
  • ‘Coca-Cola Baseball Pitching Challenge’, which tested users’ virtual pitching skills.
  • ‘Ayataka Paper Crane Hunt’, which unlocked messages from athletes.
  • ‘Georgia Coffee Catch’, which led to the discovery of various coffee products.
  • ‘I LOHAS Sustainability’, which explored sustainability.
  • ‘Aquarius Aqua-rithm’, which tracked and measured users’ active scores via body motions, post-workout selfies and the weather.

To boost engagement, points earned through gameplay could be exchanged for rewards during the Olympic and Paralympic Games. They ranged from product coupons to exclusive images autographed by Japanese athletes, to a virtual meet-and-greet with Olympic and Paralympic athletes.

Team Coca-Cola Play Nation provided a complete brand and product activation experience that fostered ‘Togetherness as inclusion through diversity’ and delivered key Olympic and Paralympic experiences, activating the Team Coca-Cola’s portfolio of products and emphasising the company’s commitment to sustainability.


Key achievements of the campaign included:

  • 540,000+ participants from Japan and overseas
  • More than 90% of participants were identified as unique and new users
  • Average dwell time per user on the platform indicated a high level of interest and engagement
  • The Team Coca-Cola Play Nation digital games hub was deemed a resounding success by the client, who suggested using the activation strategy as a model for their future Olympic and Paralympic Games Time experiences.