The British Broadcasting Corporation’s Main TV Studio Hub at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games

Pico supplied a design for the main studio hub in the bid to create the BBC’s television studio at the 2016 Olympic Games.

Pico was appointed with the proviso that the set be fabricated in the UK, which would allow the BBC team to review some full-sized mock-ups prior to shipment to Rio.


The review proved a crucial step, as it revealed the need for significant design refinements to be made to the set design – changes would have been impossible to implement on site. The mock-up review also enabled the BBC team to optimise lighting arrangements and consider camera positions and angles in advance.

For set construction in the UK, and on site installation, Pico appointed a supplier with broad experience of building television studio sets. A Pico team was on hand in Rio to manage the construction process and ensure that the project was delivered on time, meeting all specifications and the client’s quality expectations.

In use, the studio hub proved a great success, and Pico was mentioned in the BBC credits at the end of the Olympic’s closing ceremony.