Universal Studios Theme Park

Pico were appointed as a major theming design and build contractor for four of the seven zones at Universal Studios Singapore, undertaking more than SGD40m in contract delivery. The project was executed in an incredible period of 15 months from October 2008 to February 2010 due to the Clients' requirement to open the theme park in sync with the adjacent hotels and casinos.

The design team based in Kuala Lumpur fast-tracked the design development and construction documentation stages by prioritising the elements with the longest lead times in order for procurement and off-site fabrication stages to begin early in the development process.



The Pico execution plan involved the following stages of work:

  • Design Development
  • Construction Documentation
  • Samples and Mock-ups
  • Off-site fabrication
  • On-site installation

Each stage required the approval of multiple stakeholders including the Creative Directors and Show Producers from Universal Creative.


Pico self-performed the theming fabrication in their production facility in Johor, Malaysia, consisting of a talented team of supervisors, artisans and fabricators. Traditional procurement methods and layers of sub-contractors would not have been successful in this instance, due to the complex nature of the sculptures and themed elements to be integrated into the building facility and ride systems. The solution was only made possible by self-performing the specialist works, which is a fundamental strategy for all Pico theming projects.


The final result was a collection of Universal standard theming delivered in a record-breaking period of 15 months, which was only made possible by the in-house team of Pico designers, managers, artists, and fabricators working closely to deliver works in the most time-efficient manner.