Virtual Sharp Dealers’ Convention 2020

Each year, consumer electronics and home appliance giant Sharp hosts a convention that brings together dealers, business partners and management team members from Malaysia and abroad to celebrate their shared achievements.

In 2020, participants looked forward to something different – but even more memorable – than in previous years: a convention that would mark ‘108 Years of Cutting-edge Innovation’ by being completely virtual for the very first time. A highlight would be the introduction of the ‘e-sharp’ online shop, as well as sophisticated products which have set new benchmarks for doing business virtually/remotely, such as Sharp’s Remote Life Technology.



For the first time, the convention would connect Sharp dealers and overseas management members on a virtual platform. To ensure a high level of participant engagement, the programme would be deeply immersive, inviting constant interaction through features such as giveaways and special product deals. Meanwhile, an in-person media session would encourage coverage from a first-person perspective, giving the brand message greater weight.


Pico proposed a virtual event to Sharp in response to Malaysia’s social distancing measures for pandemic control. The team went on to provide full technical support to the event, as well as brainstorming and designing all the key visuals and collateral. This included engaging with suppliers to develop an event website with the wide range of customisable functions required by the client, as well as executing a live broadcast.

The convention programme comprised media and dealer sessions, with the former running in the morning. In the event’s sole in-person element, media representatives gathered at Sharp’s headquarters in Kuala Lumpur to meet the emcee and witness virtual product launches. The Pico team carefully prepared lighting and audio equipment for a Q&A session and a mix of face-to-face and virtual meetings with VIPs. Guests’ temperatures were checked and hands sanitised upon entering the venue, and seating was arranged to ensure safe social distancing.

Dealer sessions were entirely virtual and ran in the afternoon. These featured video content developed and scheduled by Pico, using virtual backgrounds to complement the emcee’s and VIPs’ live presentations. The team exploited the format to include a range of attention-getting effects, including pop-out and disappearing elements, and sounds such as hands clapping.

Lucky draws, quiz sessions and surprise gifts were woven into the proceedings to maintain momentum and a high level of audience interest. As a further measure to retain the audience for the duration, announcements of prize winners were not made until after the event concluded.

Demonstrating the value of a live online platform as a sales-driven tool, dealers could purchase products showcased at the event using a ‘place order’ button. Real-time sales figures which were monitored by Pico were even shown during the broadcast as an additional element of excitement.





  • 481 participants at the convention, with attendance rate of 99%, exceeding client expectations of at least 350 participants
  • Global audience from Australia, China, Europe, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam
  • Approximately 50 media representatives at Sharp HQ
  • Over 10,000 comments in active live chat
  • Over RM4,300,000 worth of live sales in 10 minutes