Woojin Trading Virtual Showroom

Based in Korea, Woojin Trading is engaged in the distribution of cosmetics ingredients. To give current and prospective clients 24/7 access to their own ‘prescriptions’ as well as the products from their global partner network, the brand decided to launch its first-ever virtual showroom as their official website.



The platform was to be not only aesthetically pleasing, informative and functional, but capable of supporting communication between Woojin Trading, global partners and visitors. At its core would be a 360-degree panoramic VR function for visitors. The virtual showroom would also offer prominent access to such functions as surveys, webinars, email enquiries, ‘prescription’ and partner promotions.


The Pico team was appointed to develop and manage the virtual showroom, including 3D panoramic design rendering, design planning, developing a back-end data management system, and website-showroom integration. Additionally, the team provided end-to-end services ranging from creative development of the UI design to website design and execution, and would provide regular content updates upon Woojin Trading’s request.

With its 360-degree panoramas and multiple zones, the virtual showroom is an instantly immersive experience. Visitors can consult the convenient information desk and browse through a full range of products and ‘prescriptions’ at the Woojin Trading booth and partner zone. Within the latter, booths for more than 10 partners showcase a universe of solutions and company information.

Other zones were designed for digital content sharing. The webinar zone offers seminar videos and catalogues uploaded through the back-end platform, as well as opportunities for visitors to submit opinions on showroom content. After a simple registration process, visitors may enter the formularisation zone for details on prescription solutions.

Communications options are extensive. Visitors may email their enquiries to a Woojin Trading manager as well as participate in customer satisfaction surveys. Doing so triggers a ‘push’ email sent from the showroom website to the manger. An eDM marketing service created by the Pico team provides customers with regular product updates. The team also provided management services and full technical support for user check-in, the survey information database, and an e-mail history recording function.


The virtual showroom has performed smoothly and exceeded client expectations. Approximately 1,400 customers and partners received the showroom link via eDM in the three weeks since launch.

Experience a virtual tour to Woojin Trading Virtual Showroom now: