Workplace by Facebook Sydney HQ launch

Facebook wants to change the way we use it during the work day from something sneaky and closeted, to out-and-proud collaboration. Their platform Workplace by facebook is a communication and collaboration tool devised to help colleagues chat and improve professional social networking, even when the boss is looking.

Our challenge was to work with the local facebook events team to create an on-brand experience launching Workplace at the facebook Sydney headquarters.



Facebook needed an extension of their local event team to deliver a perfectly consistent and coherent, on-brand event experience. As a fully-integrated, on-the-ground team, Pico+ and facebook worked together to manage the event from start to finish. From attendee registration, printing graphics, coordinating branded catering, managing speakers and scheduling, to developing cue sheets and handing out end-of-event takeaway gift bags, it was a true operation in partnership.

Through and through this event was about communication, connection and collaboration. It’s what Workplace by facebook is for, and it’s exactly how Pico+ and facebook worked to successfully deliver the event. As an extension and support for the local team, Pico+ helped to deliver a seamless on-brand experience. Because, as Workplace by facebook says, ‘anything is possible when people work together’.

  • Pico+ became a seamless extension on the facebook team
  • Event management and attendee registration
  • Branded catering and gift bags