World Madam International Cultural Week 2021

World Madam is an integrated service platform that specifically appeals to the beauty of married women. Created by Madam Annie, it aims to improve women’s global status by linking together married women from the fields such as science, technology, economics and culture, magnifying their influence. The platform also raises awareness of health, beauty and ‘love’.


World Madam International Cultural Week 2021 celebrated the platform’s success. Held in Macau in June, its programme included a ‘public welfare journey’, welcome banquet, concert, final competition, award ceremony and party. Pico was appointed to arrange live video logistics for the event’s final competition, including for YouTube, Uplive and Yizhibo. The team also made arrangements for singers, an emcee and more.

More than 500 guests attended the event, including World Madam executive presidents and ambassadors from around the world, members of global organizing committee, candidates from the World Madam 2020 Global Final, and specially invited VIPs.