INFINITI Q Store in Yinchuan China

A new INFINITI Q Store was officially opened in Yinchuan, China in June 2021. A showcase for Nissan’s upmarket vehicle brand, the location is positioned as an intelligent digital retail space offering interactive experiences, smart devices, and digital sales and service tools. INFINITI commissioned Pico to design, build and operate the space.



Aesthetically and functionally, the INFINITI Q Store is an extension of the marque’s philosophy of elegant simplicity. The overall design forgoes complicated decoration and uses immaculate white surfaces and natural wood elements as the key design theme. Distinctive grilles allow natural light to radiate the space, creating a bright, warm and comfortable environment.

Visitors can browse freely in the store with minimal disruption. Brand and product ambassadors are stand ready at different points of interaction to assist visitors and uphold INFINITI’s reputation for meticulous customer service.

For more product information, visitors can freely access the store’s digital sales and service tools. Easy to use, they also offer such entertaining content as a Pico-created comic interactive experience and a quiz game that highlights INFINITI product design and the marque’s history and attracts visitors to leave their contact information.

The brand also used augmented reality (AR), a virtual brand booth and visualiser in the space to show yet more information about the products, vehicles’ performance and the high-quality interiors.


The store achieved impressive exposure two months after its opening:

  • More than 2,000 visitors
  • 600,000+ exposures across channels
  • 40,000+ media exposures
  • 30,000+ exposures on TikTok
  • 20,000+ exposures on social media platform Little Red Book