Pico’s Global-Link MP joins effort to bring literacy to all

Volunteers from Pico’s Global-Link MP (GLMP), a member of Pico Group, have joined in an effort to boost the reading skills of children from underprivileged communities in the Philippines as part of the ‘Hooked on Books’ programme by the non-profit Linking Individuals to Nurture Kids’ Success (LINKS) organization.

‘Hooked on Books’ is founded on the recognition of the prominent role children play in the future of society. It aims to ensure that all children enjoy equal learning opportunities, with an emphasis on improving reading skills and cultivating children’s ability to self-help and move forward even without assistance.

To date, volunteers from GLMP have worked with school principals, helped to train teachers, partnered with local government units, and visited several public schools, including in Saint Gabriel and Bacnotan, La Union. They have built classroom-sized libraries for kindergarten-aged to grade 6 students.

Under LINKS’ leadership, GLMP will continue working with organizations such as the Philippine Center for Print Excellence Foundation and the Philippine Constructors Association to make a difference in children’s lives. To find out more, email or