At 8.30pm local time on 25 March, Pico offices and Group subsidiaries in 40 major cities around the world dimmed lights for Earth Hour, a global event that highlights environmental issues and inspires people to live more sustainably.

But Pico’s commitment to Earth Hour went further than dimming lights for 60 minutes; the company also registered its offices and promoted the event – and awareness of climate change – via its social media channels.

Additionally, staff members were encouraged to send clients e-cards inviting them to join the Earth Hour movement. Pico Singapore, for example, invited their staff and tenants to join the Earth Hour campaign. By doing so, Pico helps clients’ businesses to grow and operate sustainably, and its staff becomes part of the solution to the pressing issue of climate change.

In the spirit of Earth Hour, other Pico offices around the globe have made strides in adopting everyday energy-saving habits. Pico’s office in Beijing, for example, has pledged:
“We turn off all our lights during lunchtime every day, and our office equipment switches to power-saving mode when not in use. If any staff members are working overtime during the evening, they turn on the lights in their work area only.”

We believe that by growing and operating our business in a sustainable way, we contribute to the health of the planet and the global economy.

About Earth Hour:
Organised by World Wildlife Fund (WWF), Earth Hour encourages individuals and companies to switch off lights for an hour, to focus attention on people-driven solutions to protecting the planet and building a sustainable future.