Audi R8 V10 and R8 V10 Plus Launch in Taiwan

Pico helped Audi Taiwan launch its new models – R8 V10 and R8 V10 Plus, as well as a new sub-brand called Audi Sport - ‘Born on the track. Built for the road’.


We did this by raising the audience’s seats to create a grandstand-like setting and used 3D projection techniques to showcase the car on a virtual racetrack, allowing the media and the VIP guests in attendance to feel as though they were watching the launch on a real racing circuit – helping them experience the craftsmanship and sheer power of the cars in a uniquely personal way.

  • 210 reporters;
  • 190 VIP guests

“We thanked Pico Taiwan for the professionalism, creative ideas, dedication, and all their efforts and commitment.” - Dr. Angelika Hilger, Marketing Director of Audi Taiwan