BMW 3 Series Launch

Luxury automotive brand BMW recently launched their All-New 3 Series in Malaysia with a show-stopping experiential showcase that was conceptualised, planned and executed by Pico.


Over 3,500 guests were treated to a journey that started with a grand entrance where they were greeted in different languages while walking through a neon cityscape. Entering the BMW Heritage Area, guests went ‘back in time’ with a tour of previous models of this legendary brand. As they progressed through the space, they stopped at the Modern Lounge and the BMW Lifestyle Corner, where the upbeat and lively ambience readied them for the launch of an all-new legend.





The launch itself was simply spectacular. With a mock-up of a cityscape as a backdrop, our teams used state-of-the-art projection mapping tech to create a life-like model of a busy urban street. Gradually, we brought this streetscape to life by degrees, ending in a grand reveal of the models in the All-New BMW 3 Series.