HP Inc. Malaysia’s 2020 Launch and Partner Event – ‘Creators of Tomorrow’

One of technology giant HP’s biggest annual events, HP Inc. Malaysia’s 2020 Launch and Partner Event, went virtual for the first time on 14 October 2020. Themed ‘Creators of Tomorrow’, its two-part programme comprised a press conference and a partners event that included the launch of several key new products.



Infinity-Pico provided turnkey project management services ranging from eDM management and video production to website creation and design, and gambit launch with AR. As part of this commitment, the team designed four virtual stage sets – dubbed ‘Soho’, ‘Lifestyle’, ‘Gaming’ and ‘Creative Studio’ – to complement different speakers at the event.

Rather than using a video to launch the new products, Infinity-Pico created a more engaging AR Launch Gambit with integrated gamified elements. During the live webcast, the emcee invited the audience to trigger the AR effects by simply scanning their mobile phones with an HP logo. Names and photos of new product would then pop up onto their screens. A more traditional favourite – lucky draws – were woven into the proceedings to maintain momentum and a high level of audience interest.

A highlight of the partner session was the Partners Awards e-Ceremony, complete with avatars created by Infinity-Pico for partners attending remotely. Like something out of sci-fi fantasy, the actual faces of award winners were ‘suited up’ as animated robots which then dashed down a high-tech corridor to the future. Videos of the spectacle were sent to winners for sharing on social media, further increasing the brand’s and event’s exposure.

  • The event was livestreamed on HP's YouTube channel, garnering over 4,000 views
  • News coverage from various online and social media platforms
  • Strongly positive feedback from media and partners


“Designing an engaging virtual event and award ceremony involves creative ideas and perfect execution – and we achieved it with Infinity-Pico’s professionalism in event management and digital capability! We got overwhelming response from the ‘AR Launch Gambit’ and 3D avatar animation award presentation. The event was a truly immersive, high-tech milestone for media and our partners” – Jess How, Country Marketing Lead, HP Malaysia