PATEO Showroom

Founded in 2009, PATEO has rapidly risen to become Asia’s leader in ‘connected car’ technology. Located at the Nanjing Jiangbei New Area Industrial Technology Research and Innovation Park, the 1,200 sq. m. PATEO Showroom was created as an employee showcase of the corporate culture and technologies that have made the company into the giant it is today.



As the design evolved, the project team ensured that the space itself would tell the PATEO story. The brand’s philosophy of delivering products with ‘ultimate quality’, ‘ultimate experience’ and ‘ultimate interaction’ would be expressed through sleek, futuristic architecture. Flowing, open spaces and strategic mirrored surfaces would create a sense of boundless space – and boundless possibilities. The showroom’s actual content would be substantial, interactive, and integrated closely into the architecture to generate a wholistic experience combining both physical and virtual elements.


Pico was appointed to provide a wide range of services, including conceptualisation, design and build, installation, and production of control software, video and sound effects.

Looking futuristically white, glossy and elegantly uncluttered, the showroom is organised into different themed areas, dubbed ‘Prologue’, ‘Innovation’, ‘PATEO’s core’, ‘Service Experience’, ‘Internet of Everything’ and ‘Future of Automotive’ etc. Each offers a corresponding interactive experience. Wherever possible, the Pico team incorporated PATEO’s own technologies into the experience, giving users a ‘real world’ taste of how they work.

In one such experience, users sit inside a semi-enclosed car cabin equipped with voice and hand gesture controls for functions such as adjusting audio volume, raising or lowering windows, or using a range of lighting effects. Meanwhile in the ‘Internet of Everything’ area, smart appliances in living room, kitchen and lounge settings are controlled by visitors while they sit in another vehicle cabin, allowing them to gain insight to how their cars and homes can be connected.

As a final engaging touch, visitors can experience the company’s ‘mobile store’ concept. A van-like virtual model is used to simulate how the concept would bring different store services such as groceries or barbering to the customer on demand. After giving it a try, visitors receive a gift dispensed from the back of the ‘mobile store’ to continue their engagement.


“We are very satisfied with the showroom. It presents a vast array of content in an organised, user-friendly way while maintaining brand consistency. We hold a high standard for details and craftmanship, and the Pico team amply achieved it with their expertise. Also, thanks to the virtual/physical interactive experience created with the help of Pico, our target audience can fully experience PATEO’s new technologies in an innovative and immersive way”

– Tansy XU, Director of Museum Projects, Shanghai PATEO Electronic Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.