The 5th Global Virtual • Reality Conference

China Mobile’s Migu Video Technology adopted Pico’s new virtual reality (VR) cloud exhibition solution at the 5th Global Virtual • Reality Conference. The technology was used to enhance the audience experience, with an immersive 360-degree digital exhibition environment hosting a launch event and signing ceremony, as well as featuring a virtual exhibition area.

The conference gathered more than 60 scholars and industry experts from 10 countries around the world. Each guest was represented by an avatar and delivered keynote speeches and dialogues as though present in person.



Pico built virtual venues for exhibition, a launch event and a signing ceremony within 10 days.

Participants ‘entered’ either via VR headsets, or experienced the venues in panoramic ultra-high definition via mobile phone or television screen. Guest avatars moved freely in the virtual space and could also give micro-expressions and gestures. Audience members could react by clapping, standing up and hand-waving.

Visitors to the exhibition area were guided by virtual brand ambassadors and could browse freely without joining a queue or being jostled by crowds.

An important part of the conference plan was its announcement of collaboration programmes and product introductions. These were augmented with vivid, interesting animations created by Pico. The companies in alliance with the client were invited to the stage. Though guests were scattered across distant locations in real life, they simultaneously pressed interactive buttons to kick-start the signing ceremony.


Achieved extensive media coverage as of 20 May:

  • 1,666 pieces of news coverage from traditional media
  • 3,019 pieces of content by new media, with over 50 million views

Another successful outcome of the conference was the formation of a strategic alliance between Pico+ and Migu Video Technology to create new VR virtual events and exhibitions. The alliance will cover the following three spectrums: Online and virtual exhibitions and platforms, VR content channels on mobile phones, TVs and VR headsets and VR e-commerce and online new economy.