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Grow with Pico

Your performance, your reward

Pico rewards performance. The performance-anchored reward approach measures your performance across four parameters: customers, internal business process, learning and growth and financial.

We also identify and nurture high potential employees and provide numerous exciting opportunities  for career development.

Training for success

Pico offers a number of programmes to help with your career and personal development.

Local learning and development programmes:

These fundamental training programmes are an important part of career progression for high-potential employees.

Corporate training:

Numerous courses enhance high-potential employees’ skills.

Talent Acceleration Programme:

Pico’s Talent Acceleration Programme (TAP) is a customised and intensive one-week course which brings together young and talented managers from across the world. This fast-paced interactive programme has been running for 30 years and has over 1,000 graduates.  Run by university professors, internal and external trainers, TAP covers project management, customer relationship management, leadership and creative sales techniques.

Green Card:

Pico offers basic safety training courses to all relevant staff. Commonly known as 'Green Card’ courses, these courses are accredited by Hong Kong’s Labour Department.

The Pico network

Our unique global, multicultural background provides a solid platform for networking and the exchange of views and ideas.

  • The Pico International Conference

  • The Pico International Marketing Meeting          

  • Group Creative Strategy Meeting

  • Group Accountant Conference

  • Group Human Resources Conference