Sentosa Visitor Arrival Centre

Sentosa Island is a resort destination located in southern Singapore. While it has historically been a ‘sun and sand’ hotspot for city residents, in recent years it has seen a flurry of new developments including luxury hotels, an integrated resort, a theme park and high-end restaurants and bars. As the island’s offerings became more international in scope and attracted a wider market to Singapore, Sentosa Leisure Group felt there was a need for a dedicated visitors’ centre to assist people with making the most of their trip. In fact, the Sentosa Visitor Arrival Centre is not just the first stop for information on the island; it also contains a box office for Resorts World Sentosa’s extensive programme of shows and events, as well as a selection of souvenirs and gifts in its colourful retail shop. Fun, vibrancy, friendliness and tropical relaxation are all aspects of Sentosa’s brand personality expressed through the Centre’s interior design. Curves and horizontal stripes in hues such as ocean blue, earth and sand allude to the island’s natural elements of sun, sky and sea. A highlight of the centre is a seven metre high, three metre wide cylindrical LED feature wall custom-designed for the site and flown into Singapore. The centre fosters a sense of escapism in an atmosphere where recreational pursuits are virtually unlimited – from lazing on the beach to exploring tropical forests, discovering cultural heritage, and enjoying fine dining or golf.

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Mercedes-Benz GLC Driving Event

Mercedes-Benz Hong Kong Limited imports and distributes the brand’s comprehensive range of luxury passenger cars and commercial vehicles in Hong Kong and Macau. They actively perform sales and after-sales activities to further cement Mercedes-Benz’s growth in the region, while remaining dedicated to reinforcing their core values through different public and private events. In early November, Mercedes-Benz held a totally unique and spectacular off-road private driving event at Hong Kong’s Central Harbourfront. Raising brand awareness, particularly of their SUV models, was their primary goal with Mercedes-Benz wanting to provide their elite customers with an advanced driving experience which reinforced their brand values of safety, comfort and driving dynamics. Guided by professional drivers, guests got to personally experience the high performance and superior driving dynamics of the brand’s different SUV models as they passed through checkpoints on a specially-designed course stretching over an eye-popping 36,000 sq. m. The Central Harbourfront was transformed into a cross-country track and divided into two massive test driving zones. The ‘drifting zone’ allowed attendees to skid into specially-arranged sharp turns; while in the ‘off-road zone’, various checkpoints simulated features which would be found in real off-road areas – steep hills, muddy swamps, logs and gravel patches, each providing different levels of camber. A total of one media session and nine customer sessions were held, with Pico providing creative design, production, site operation and event management services throughout the event. Pico also focused extra attention on boosting brand awareness in the immediate area. The team designed immersive venue decorations to capture the attention of the many pedestrians passing through Central’s crowded streets and buildings during the daytime. We branded the client’s logo on top of the 15.5m wide, 50m long and 5.7m high hospitality marquee, and surrounded the venue with 60m long promotional fence banners. Our branding efforts did not stop when the sun set. We designed and created a gigantic 21.8m lightbox displaying Mercedes-Benz’s iconic three-point logo which lit up the centre of the venue, adding to the breath-taking night view of Victoria Harbour and the city’s skyline. This lightbox was easily visible from Central’s crowded pedestrian walkways and buildings like IFC and the AIA Centre. In addition to the lightbox, our team created an eye-catching arch entrance complemented by exterior branded fencing banners and flags. All key visuals at the venue, from the merchandising area to the off-road signage and guest passes, were also designed by our experts. We built an LED wall in the briefing room, which showed a promotional video, producing a stunning visual experience for the attendees. Our team also strategically designed the layout of the F&B area and the inside of the marquee, creating a luxurious yet comfortable environment for all the guests. To add a social dimension to the event, we arranged an “Instaphoto” service to capture guests enjoying their exclusive experience. These photos were shared on multiple social media platforms, further intensifying the brand’s exposure. The five-day event attracted a huge number of reporters and guests, receiving great write-ups and favourable feedback. As this was the first time anyone had held a driving event in the very centre of Hong Kong, there were no existing precedents for the permits required or the logistics involved in the set up. Our team had to approach and negotiate with numerous different government departments, and then leverage our years of experience to manage and execute the complex logistics for the large-scale setup, which included a 50m long marquee and the huge branding logo lightbox, all within three days!

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ArtBahrain is a brand-new art event held in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and the first large-scale art event in the country to feature both local and international artists. The primary aim of this inaugural event was to celebrate the country’s deeply artistic history and culture by welcoming international art, artists, galleries and collectors to the country, while also showcasing the talents of emerging and established local artists. The organisers wanted to provide each of these talents with a common platform to synergise, interact, learn, develop, and grow – with the common goal being motivating a wide audience of citizens, collectors and art curators from around Bahrain to embrace the arts. With any inaugural event, attracting enough sponsors to create ‘critical mass’ is always a challenge. Pico assigned a dedicated team to establish contacts and close deals, whose commendable hard work resulted in a number of high-profile sponsors being signed at the Platinum, Gold and Silver tier levels, as well as other sponsors who provided media, hotel and logistics support. Creating the venue itself also proved to be an interesting challenge. The location – a newly-reclaimed and as-yet undeveloped area of land at the heart of the business district – was the ideal place to hold this brand-new event and show off structures that only Pico could create at the same time. However, preparing the ground for the marquee and other tent structures involved a great deal of effort. First, the land had to be perfectly flattened and leveled. This process took a full week before the tent structures could be erected.  Then temporary roads and car park spaces were added, in addition to entrance walkways constructed of interlocking bricks for the VIP guests. The result was even better than anticipated, with a beautiful and attention-grabbing venue popping up in the middle of this thriving city. This first edition of the ArtBahrain saw acclaimed artists and galleries from around the world travel to Bahrain and create awareness of international art, while local talents highlighted the delights of the domestic art scene in a special area at the venue. Showcasing classical art, contemporary art, art from Southeast Asia and the Middle East as well as sculpture, digital photography and more, ArtBahrain was a truly eclectic and diverse show with something for everyone. Pico’s tasks were focused on creating the perfect environment to house the artists and their work. Delivering a dramatic dome marquee structure, alongside numerous tents and other temporary structures, the team also performed detailed interior fit-out work, as well as lighting, sound and branding. The professional museum wall and lighting systems inside the structures perfectly complemented the stunning artwork. An ArtBahrain Talk also held at the venue featured international artists and speakers discussing their common goals, whether they were collecting, investing in art or about the general art scene in the Middle East. When all was said and done, the Pico team turned the newly-reclaimed Bahrain Harbour area into a regally elegant, if temporary, home for this art extravaganza. With the first show being such a success, future editions of ArtBahrain are certain to appear. “I am pleased at how it looks. I love the size, the shape and the soul of the beating heart in the middle. It is beautifully done…We all have the same soul, we share it and we share the universe together. My work is meant to reflect that and I think this art fair has been a great platform for this. I am really pleased.” - Sacha Jafri, an artist from United Kingdom


Explorium - Omni-channel Business Research Laboratory

Pico Plus’ unique 360-degree integrated marketing capabilities allowed Pico to play a significant role throughout the planning and implementation of a new large-scale retail laboratory in Shanghai. Named ‘Explorium’, the laboratory is an omni-channel platform and exhibition dedicated to conducting rapid experimentation with omni-channel techniques and trends that are shaping the future of retail. Explorium is operated by the Fung Group in partnership with Pico and IBM. It is located within more than 23,000 sq. m. (nearly 250,000 sq. ft.) of trade exhibition space at LiFung Plaza, where it provides a controlled setting for businesses to observe and explore in real time how consumers interact with new technologies, products and environments. Among the technologies in the laboratory are virtual-reality fitting rooms, magic mirrors that bring images to life and 3D printing for creating customised products. Brands are also using Explorium to understand opportunities in China for their products and services, based on consumer feedback collected and analysed at the laboratory. Retailers are also using it to test different store concepts. Lawrence Chia, Pico’s Group Chairman said, “We are extremely pleased to have our strong project team working with leaders from the retail and data technology industries and have played a vital part in the strategy, planning and execution of Explorium in areas related to branding, experiential marketing and digital media.” Fung Group Chairman Dr Victor K. Fung said the initiative was sparked by challenges occurring in retail across the world, especially in China. “Everything we thought we knew about how consumers decide upon what they buy, where they buy, when they buy, how they buy and how they pay is changing.” Dr Fung added that there were no preconceived ideas about which omni-channel business models would emerge from Explorium. “As with most experiments of any lasting value, the greatest measure of success may simply be how much we learn from the results,” he said. “A key advantage for participating brands and retailers is that, with Explorium, they can experiment, incubate and iterate at high speed while minimising their cost and risk.”

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National Day Parade 2015

The National Day Parade (NDP) is a highly-anticipated annual event which celebrates Singapore’s independence. NDP 2015 was particularly significant as the nation came together to celebrate its Golden Jubilee. It was held at the historical grounds of Padang, the place where Singapore declared its independence and the venue for the NDP every five years. This year, Pico is proud to have been appointed to provide services to the NDP for the eighth time, constructing the performance area and seating galleries at the Padang. We had to construct the performance stage and seating galleries before the first rehearsal on 12 June 2015, and then dismantle them expediently and ensure that the Padang was re-turfed in time for the Singapore Grand Prix in mid-September. The team spent five full months at the Padang working with 1,400 pieces of 25mm tank steel plates, 500 loads of graded stones, 1,000 tonnes of premixed concrete and 29 lighting towers weighing 280 tonnes each; and installing seating gallery structures to hold 26,000 spectators. Each individual seating gallery weighed 400 tonnes. Achieving this mammoth task on schedule while ensuring the Padang field sustained minimal damage was the biggest challenge the team faced. The performance stage and seating galleries were completed in less than two months and needed to be dismantled within 26 days. After NDP 2015, our experienced team managed the logistics and coordination work to ensure a proper handover of the space, and also made sure that the materials for the seating galleries were promptly returned for the next project. Pico is honoured to have played a part in putting together a grand show in celebration of Singapore’s Golden Jubilee.


Ford Thailand New Ford Ranger Launch Event

Pico was recently entrusted with the task of creating a ‘talk of the town event’ for Ford Thailand which would introduce, launch and generate healthy initial sales for the new 2015 Ford Ranger truck. Ford wanted to give Thailand an incredible experience which would showcase the strengths of the new vehicle and accelerate across-the-board awareness of the Ford brand. An added impetus for our team was that it had been five years since we last worked with Ford, so this event provided an excellent opportunity to reconnect with this valuable client. Delivering turnkey concept, design and event management services, on a ‘Built Ford Tough’ theme, the guests were treated to a spectacular stunt show which blended stunning stunt driving and live performances with striking visuals and music from a full orchestra. A particular highlight was a scene where the Ford Ranger pulled a giant 40 ft. container. We designed every element to create immeasurable excitement and further engagement to successfully energize the Ford brand and the new Ranger. The two-day sales event also included five test drive stations in the performance area which allowed our guests to experience professional stunt drivers behind the wheel of the Ford Ranger. The thrilling event, held over 5,000 sq. m. at Bangkok’s EZ Park attracted 800 visitors to the launch and a total of 2,700 guests to the sales event. Most importantly, 525 new Rangers were sold, a highly-satisfying figure for both Ford Thailand and Pico.


Baku 2015 European Games

After 17 exciting and unforgettable days of competition, the first European Games drew to a close on 28 June. In 20 sports held across 18 venues, athletes from across Europe made history in the city of Baku and many thousands of visitors bore witness to festival of top-level sport, while some 6,000 leading athletes from 49 nations showed off their incredible skills. Pico’s mega-event experts proudly provided first-class design, fabrication and completion of overlay work at two major venues at Baku 2015 for Road Cycling and Triathlon. "We are thrilled to be part of Baku 2015. Pico’s proven track record in providing venue overlay solutions for mega sport events has added tremendous value to delivering top-class ‘battlefields’ for the various cycling events and the triathlon events." - Sharon Soh, Executive Director, Pico Projects International Hong Kong Over the last decade, Pico has provided temporary venue overlay solutions for many of the world’s biggest sporting occasions, beginning with the 2004 Athens Olympics, followed by a number of Olympic Summer and Winter games, Asian Games, Commonwealth Games, Asian Beach Games, Formula One Grand Prix, Golf Opens and many other high-profile events around the world. Our participation in Baku 2015 further strengthened our mega sports events portfolio and our global presence.  

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