Expo Milano 2015

After a long and exciting buildup, Expo Milano 2015 has finally begun! Running from 1 May to 31 October, this universal expo with its vital theme “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life” is turning the incredible city of Milan, Italy into a global showcase. Over 140 participating countries are at this moment showing the world how their home-grown knowledge, research and technology can serve one of humanity’s most important needs: guaranteeing healthy, safe and sufficient food for everyone, while respecting the needs of our planet at the same time. Pico is delighted to be involved in the activation of four pavilions at Expo Milano, our ninth World Expo in 30 years. The Argentina, Brunei, Cambodia and Malaysia Pavilions are currently up and running and attracting visitors from all over the world, with our teams revelling in the thrill of playing a part in bringing this huge global event to life. Each of the pavilions had their own unique features and special requirements. Our teams’ high level of expertise and deep world expo experience delivered excellence on every level for each pavilion.   The Malaysia Pavilion We began by providing full expo activation services for the stunning 2,400 sq. m. Malaysia Pavilion. Created as a thematic journey “Towards a Sustainable Food Ecosystem’, the pavilion’s story explores Malaysia’s versatility and dynamism, its stunning economic transformation and its continuing path to sustainable development. With its distinguished external structure formed in the shape of four ‘rainforest seeds’, the pavilion incorporates cutting-edge green and sustainable elements, showcasing our capabilities in both design and innovative materials – particularly the external structure of the ‘seeds’, which employed ‘Glulam’, glued laminated timber, an innovative structural timber product made from sustainable material from Malaysia. Our work on the Malaysia included conceptual design, content development and event management, which included building the pavilion and its interiors and exhibitions, providing exhibition content development, and overseeing pavilion operations, publicity and promotions and the planning and implementation of all events and activities within the pavilion. Pavilion management is a new specialty for Pico, and our team is currently hard at work in Milan ensuring that our role is successfully delivered.   The Argentina Pavilion For Argentina’s 2,000 sq. m. pavilion, Pico, in partnership with a local Italian contracting firm, has been commissioned to build and install the main metal skeleton structure as well as interior of the pavilion, themed “Argentina Feeds You”, based on the client’s design. The pavilion will offer visitors experiences that feed their understanding of Argentina’s richness and diversity through four subtopics.”   The Brunei Pavilion Located in the Spices Cluster, the 250 sq. m. Brunei Pavilion, with the theme “Science and technology for food safety, security and quality”, engaged our team to design and fabricate an interior display. The pavilion highlights the progress made by the country’s agricultural sector in increasing domestic food consumption to ensure national food security through scientific and technological solutions to farming and agrifood problems.   The Cambodia Pavilion For the Kingdom of Cambodia, Pico designed, fabricated and are maintaining the 250 sq. m. pavilion located in the Rice Cluster of Expo Milano. The Pavilion emphasises the importance of the country’s rice production, in the hopes of deepening understanding of the technologies used in agricultural crop management, irrigation systems, the food supply chain, and other food-related topics which combine culture and nature. The pavilion is both a place to learn and a feast for visitors’ senses.   So far, Expo Milano is one of Europe’s most successful expos ever, and the organisers expect to welcome over 20 million visitors over its six-month run. Part of Pico’s continuously-expanding World Expo portfolio, which has now reached nearly 80 pavilions. We hope to see you there!  

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Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Annual Dealer Conference

Since 1904, Rolls-Royce has been creating exceptional automobiles. Taking visionary engineering and advanced technology and combining them with the finest materials and hand craftsmanship, their cars have captivated the world with their unique blend of opulence, refinement, dynamism and quality. This year, Pico proudly provided turnkey design, fabrication and project management services to Rolls-Royce Motor Cars China for their annual dealer conference in Chiang Mai. Harnessing the theme “Soaring in Excellence”, our team created a luxurious and opulent experience for the participants throughout – from the champagne welcome through to the lavish closing dinner. Traditional Thai elements were present throughout the event, adding a touch of local atmosphere to the informative and entertaining conference.

Chiang Mai
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HSBC Women’s Champions 2015

HSBC is one of the world’s leading banks, with a global reach and local presence in more than 75 countries. 2015 is a momentous year for HSBC, as the bank marks its 150th anniversary. One of HSBC’s most prestigious and long-standing events is the Women’s Champions golf tournament held in Sentosa, Singapore. To ensure that this year’s tournament was truly special, HSBC appointed IMG to organise the event, a global leader in delivering sports, fashion and media events for high-profile clients. Pico was delighted to be chosen by IMG as the event management company once again – this is our eighth consecutive year on the tournament. With much of the event management handled by IMG, our specialised team was responsible for supporting the design and fabrication work for the magnificent 1,037 sq. m. VIP Hexagon suite, the impressive 510 sq. m. HSBC premier lounge, the Sentosa Golf Club suite and other well-appointed sponsored suites for clients including Rolex, Jaguar, Ricoh, Singapore Airlines and other global brands. Pico’s experts also activated the design and build for the clubhouse, including the media centre, ticketing booths, volunteer area, entrance arch and the HSBC Interactive Village. In light of this being HSBC’s 150th anniversary year, our team paid special attention to the client’s every design need. Although the overall design of the suites was largely similar to those at the 2012-2014 tournaments, we focused our attentiveness on a number of key areas. These included making the interior layout of the Hexagon suite especially appealing –beautifying the countertops in the F&B areas with artificial turf, for example. One key design difference was the staircases leading to the dining areas. In previous years, these were hidden but this year our team proposed creating grand staircases, complete with red carpets for an extra-luxurious feel. Merchant mannequins from the main attire sponsor Le Coq were also set up on the staircases, creating an upbeat and lively atmosphere for guests and sporting personalities alike. As always, the precision required from the client and meeting the tight deadlines involved meant a great deal of work for our team, especially as a number of mock-ups were requested in advance. Nevertheless, we were pleased and proud to have completed the project successfully and on time. The excellent feedback we received from both HSBC and IMG gave the team an extra sense of accomplishment at the conclusion of this milestone event.

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Art Basel Hong Kong 2015

By providing a portal for artists from across Asia, Art Basel Hong Kong has assumed a significant place in the international art world. Fully half of the galleries participating in this year’s show originated from Asia and Asia-Pacific, while galleries from around the world were given a platform to showcase their best work to the Hong Kong public. Pico’s role as official contractor for Art Basel Hong Kong 2015 meant that we were responsible for executing and fabricating designs for stands across tBMW Art JourneyBMW and Art Basel are rewarding some of the most promising artistic talents with the BMW Art Journey. Artists accepted into the Discoveries sector at our Hong Kong show and the Positions sector in Miami Beach are eligible. Learn more about the BMW Art Journey.he show's six exhibition sectors. This allowed an exceptional selection of works to be presented, including museum-quality pieces by proven masters and new artwork by emerging artists. To underline Art Basel’s raison d’etre – that galleries play an essential role in the development and promotion of the visual arts – each sector was divided into a series of gallery-like areas. Art Basel Hong Kong provided an immersive and dynamic experience to art collectors, artists, dealers, curators, critics and art lovers alike.

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Audi China Ski with Legend

The Audi ‘Ski with Legend’ event was the first-ever skiing competition organised by an automobile brand in China. With Audi devoting ever-increasing resources to promoting winter sports in Europe, Audi China felt it was time to put this culture into practice at home. The goals of the campaign were to align Audi China with the global corporate vision, support the development of winter sports in China and increase Audi China’s brand value. Pico were tasked with creating deep and lasting connections between Audi and winter sports enthusiasts. Our team provided a one-stop service which included pre-event promotion, operations management of the competition – for example rule setting and event management for the banquet – as well as guest and celebrity management. The event was distinctive in both scope and style. The spectacular opening ceremony kicked off with Swiss skiing legend Mike von Grünigen giving an incredible display of skiing prowess, flanked by numerous skiing fans from China and abroad. Skiing competitions for both men and women were led by ‘star teams’ composed of Chinese national skiing team members, racing car drivers and fashion celebrities. At night, amazing ski performances were combined with magnificent “car dances” in the snow; the dreamlike scenery combining performers, cars and snow in a visual feast for the audience of Audi VIPs, media and Audi owners. Wide coverage meant the event was a hit with the public, both nationally and internationally.

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i Light Marina Bay

i Light Marina Bay, Asia’s only sustainable light art festival, took place in Singapore over a three week period in March, 2014. Organised by Singapore’s Urban Redevelopment Authority and event managed by Pico for the second year running, i Light Marina Bay dazzled festival-goers with stunning art installations made with recycled materials and using energy-efficient lighting technologies, and promoted environmentally responsible behaviour for a sustainable future. Pico played a central role in the festival by providing full event management services and conceptual support to scheduling, hardware, marketing and PR campaign activation. This ensured that the almost month-long event was an enthralling, engaging and artistic celebration of light and the environment which included a robust line-up of events and activities. Visitors were captivated by 28 interactive and thought-provoking installations curated with the theme “Light+HeART” and placed around the Bay. The installations were designed and created by local and international artists who pushed the boundaries of creativity to incorporate energy saving measures in the design, construction and operation of their works. Alongside the light art installations, visitors also got to enjoy an array of complimentary events and activities like free guided tours, boat rides, sporting activities, bazaars and culinary treats. The ‘i Light Symposium 2014’ and other talks held in conjunction with the festival kept the focus on the topic of sustainability by increasing awareness and inspiring the adoption of numerous sustainable practices. Reflecting both our Pico Sustainability policy of creating environmentally conscious audience experiences and the festival’s commitment to the environment, sustainable initiatives such as a partnership with this year’s Earth Hour, where all installations were switched off from 8:30pm to 9:30pm on 29 March, were carried out. Additionally, to offset the carbon footprint of the festival, a ‘Switch Off Turn Up’ campaign was put in place, rallying Marina Bay residents and buildings within the area to turn off non-essential lighting and turn up air conditioning temperatures during office hours throughout the festival period. The campaign was a success, with a record 52 buildings participating and achieving energy savings of 268,890 kWh – a significant 25 per cent increase from the last edition in 2012. The energy saved was sufficient to power the festival more than 45 times. Overall, i Light Marina Bay 2014 was a huge success, attracting some 685,000 visitors, a 20 per cent increase from 2012 and the highest number the festival has ever seen.

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