Jaguar Alive Driving Challenge 3.0

The Jaguar Driving Challenge (JDC) is a driving competition organised by Jaguar China and held annually across the country. In late 2014, ‘JDC 3.0’ was rolled out in an all-new competition format, with Pico as the leading agency of the five-month contest, which began in September 2014, with the final being held in January 2015. The new three-tier multi-level competition format tied in closely with Jaguar’s brand motto: Never Stop Achieving. Having almost 9,000 participants in several regions meant that Pico had to carefully consider every aspect of the execution. Across the country, participants were invited by local dealers to compete for a place in the regionals, where they had their skills tested on a professional racetrack. The final saw the best of the best challenging each other for the championship, with the top prize being presented by global celebrity and Jaguar China Brand Ambassador David Beckham. The four regional competitions were held in Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu and Guangdong and attracted over 1,200 participants. Pico’s team specifically chose professional racetracks to highlight Jaguar’s ‘racing DNA’ and amplify the message of the brand’s incredible drive technology. Sophisticated pit room designs and engaging lifestyle programs further emphasised Jaguar’s brand heritage, technology and lifestyle. The finale took place at the Shanghai International F1 Circuit. The team wanted to create a unique and challenging driving experience both the finalists and the media to increase the event’s media value and exposure. With the obvious highlight being David Beckham’s presence, the event also included an intimate sharing session with him – a rare and valuable chance for this Chinese audience to learn about the Jaguar brand through their beloved ambassador. "The spatial design from Pico really worked for Jaguar. They were able to highlight the true Jaguar brand spirit through their designs and event layout." – Olaf Felten, Senior Manager, Brand Experience, Jaguar Land Rover China

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Audi Sport Experience Centre and Audi Sport Reception Centre

Audi is an internationally-renowned luxury car brand. Its high level of technological innovation and quality and its longstanding global reputation have made it one of the world's most successful automotive brands. The Audi Sport Experience Centre in Beijing is China’s first sports car experience centre, and only the third one in the world, with the other two being in Germany and the U.S. Pico’s long-term relationship with Audi positioned us perfectly for our role in designing and fabricating this incredible facility. Our team was fully engaged in all areas of this project. With a total area of 1,141 sq. m., the design fit the traditional Audi style: simple, with superb facilities, incredible technology and clear functional divisions. From the centrepiece professional circuit with its technically perfect infrastructure and facilities, cutting-edge touchscreen technology and robust communication platform, to the professional training teams providing a high-end automotive cultural experience platform; the centre delivers Audi’s philosophy of life and ideas on sportsmanship specifically to Chinese consumers. Along this journey, the project team faced unprecedented challenges – with only two months for delivery, coordinating the building portion of the schedule presented a number of difficulties. In addition, Audi’s high expectations in terms of details and completion and the acceptance criteria meant that no effort could be spared. In the end, the project team met Audi’s ambitious objectives and proudly delivered this outstanding centre. 

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Spectacular Celebrations Amaze Bahrain

In mid-December, several events were held across Bahrain to celebrate the country’s 43rd National Day and the 15th anniversary of His Majesty King Hamad's accession to the throne. As the designer and project manager of both the Bahrain Municipalities’ National Day Celebration and the National Day Fireworks, Pico wanted to deliver a series of incredibly spectacular shows, the likes of which had never been seen before in this island nation. To hit this objective, we put together a team of professionals from every corner of the globe to deliver something new – an event based on the water. Combining water screens, fountains, lights, lasers and fireworks, our teams set out to impress, delight and bring joy the people of Bahrain as they celebrated this historic day. With fountains from France, lasers from Belgium, a multi-media production team from Italy, projectors from Germany and fireworks from Dubai and Europe across a number of venues, the production of this extravaganza was fraught with logistical and other obstacles, in particular the specific challenges of working on water and with unpredictable weather. Adding to the elements, location changes and a short production timeline ensured that our teams had to think fast and be on their toes at all times. The National Day Fireworks Show was the highlight of the celebrations. Synchronised to music and set off with the Bahrain National Stadium and International F1 Circuit as backdrops, this world-class show awed and amazed the entire country and also set the social media landscape on fire with images and videos posted. In the end, our hard work resulted in an incredible celebration and the best and finest fireworks display ever seen in the Kingdom.


i Light Marina Bay

i Light Marina Bay, Asia’s only sustainable light art festival, took place in Singapore over a three week period in March, 2014. Organised by Singapore’s Urban Redevelopment Authority and event managed by Pico for the second year running, i Light Marina Bay dazzled festival-goers with stunning art installations made with recycled materials and using energy-efficient lighting technologies, and promoted environmentally responsible behaviour for a sustainable future. Pico played a central role in the festival by providing full event management services and conceptual support to scheduling, hardware, marketing and PR campaign activation. This ensured that the almost month-long event was an enthralling, engaging and artistic celebration of light and the environment which included a robust line-up of events and activities. Visitors were captivated by 28 interactive and thought-provoking installations curated with the theme “Light+HeART” and placed around the Bay. The installations were designed and created by local and international artists who pushed the boundaries of creativity to incorporate energy saving measures in the design, construction and operation of their works. Alongside the light art installations, visitors also got to enjoy an array of complimentary events and activities like free guided tours, boat rides, sporting activities, bazaars and culinary treats. The ‘i Light Symposium 2014’ and other talks held in conjunction with the festival kept the focus on the topic of sustainability by increasing awareness and inspiring the adoption of numerous sustainable practices. Reflecting both our Pico Sustainability policy of creating environmentally conscious audience experiences and the festival’s commitment to the environment, sustainable initiatives such as a partnership with this year’s Earth Hour, where all installations were switched off from 8:30pm to 9:30pm on 29 March, were carried out. Additionally, to offset the carbon footprint of the festival, a ‘Switch Off Turn Up’ campaign was put in place, rallying Marina Bay residents and buildings within the area to turn off non-essential lighting and turn up air conditioning temperatures during office hours throughout the festival period. The campaign was a success, with a record 52 buildings participating and achieving energy savings of 268,890 kWh – a significant 25 per cent increase from the last edition in 2012. The energy saved was sufficient to power the festival more than 45 times. Overall, i Light Marina Bay 2014 was a huge success, attracting some 685,000 visitors, a 20 per cent increase from 2012 and the highest number the festival has ever seen.

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THAI Airways welcomes its first Dreamliner

Flying has always been a thrilling and dream-like act for all who take part in it. Being part of aviation history is particularly evocative, as Pico teams found out as they helped activate an outstanding three-part welcome ceremony to celebrate the arrival of THAI Airways’ first-ever Boeing 787 Dreamliner, the most innovative aircraft in the sky. Having been THAI’s brand activation partner for the past six years, Pico has a profound understanding of the company’s needs and objectives. Indeed, when the client first proposed a small-scale welcome event, we advised them that this once-in-a-lifetime moment needed to be celebrated in grand style. The activation, with the theme ‘THAI 787 Dreamliner: The new lifestyle above the Earth’, came in three stages – the Reveal, the Communication and the Celebration, each of which was conceived, designed, fabricated and managed by Pico. The Reveal took place at Bangkok’s Suvanabhumi Airport – after the aircraft touched down, the taxiing plane was welcomed by a water salute and a ‘march out’ of 300 THAI staff wearing coloured uniforms. They quickly arranged themselves to form a giant, waving human 787 logo – stylishly greeting the plane as it parked. The Communication involved spreading the news of the plane’s imminent arrival via social networks and inviting guests and VIPs to the party via a custom-designed e-vite card. The Celebration took place at the 10,000 sq. m. THAI hangar at Suvarnabhumi Airport – the first full event ever to be held here. Over 1,000 guests enjoyed the lavish fleet upgrade ceremony. Entertainment included a full orchestra and opera singers, speeches by the THAI vice chairman and Boeing and Rolls-Royce executives, and interviews with five THAI ‘Dream Flyers’ – selected captains and cabin crew. VIP guests included THAI management, celebrities, THAI business partners and travel agents. This event allowed the staff and stakeholders of THAI Airways to celebrate this important milestone in proper style, as they delighted in the magic of flight and the wonder of innovation. 

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