Facial recognition tech: running ahead of the game
Lawrence Chia
Chairman, Pico Group

Of course, facial recognition technology has been making headlines for some time, mostly in terms of its application in the security and access control industries.

As the technology becomes more sophisticated and popular, we can see a much wider range of applications on the horizon: allowing medical records to be fetched in seconds, simplifying hotel check-in and check-out processes, making event access easier, and of course a vast array of possibilities for the world of marketing. Even now, facial expression detection technology allows the measurement of metrics like key emotions, whether or not people are paying attention and general consumer sentiment. As the tech advances, there will be incredible possibilities for personalised customer service and marketing messages tailored to individual customers – infinitely enhancing the physical shopping experience.

The insight was first published in Hong Kong Business on 1 April 2019.

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Source: Hong Kong Business, 1 April 2019