Unlocking the real value of AI’s productivity revolution
Lawrence Chia
Chairman, Pico Group

The arrival of ChatGPT – and generative AI in general – has made waves as only a new ‘life-changing’ tech can. Some innovative uses of the technology have already been proven to boost productivity; retail giant Walmart’s fleet of robots, for example, optimises everything from scrubbing floors to stock and warehouse management and delivery schedules.

To effectively realise AI’s potential to streamline and optimise processes, businesses should first commit to a long-standing investment in technological enablement. Once a business is equipped to utilise AI, it must also not overlook the virtues of differentiated AI strategies and the ability of AI to create value unachievable by humans alone. Brands and marketers should continue to meditate on how to fully capitalise on this newfound creativity.

The most essential tip is for businesses to employ AI where it is actually applicable, along with many other tools where it offers a worthwhile advantage, to achieve tangible value.

The full version of this article was published on the Hong Kong Business website, 18 August 2023.